Dispute Management

Management of a dispute concerning construction programming in connection with the installation of specialist underground services

Our client, a specialist European contractor, entered into a QR 200m design-and-build contract based upon bespoke government conditions of contract for the provision of underground suction waste services in Qatar.

The installation required the construction of substantial civil works comprising a complex central waste collection station which our client sub-contracted to a locally based construction company. 

The sub-contractor failed to provide an adequate baseline construction programme for its works, as a result of which the engineer would not approve it.  A problematic situation arose as a result of this and our client decided to employ outside experts to prepare a workable programme for submittal. 

We were duly appointed to gather information from the main contractor and sub-contractor and to prepare an appropriate and robust baseline programme for approval by the engineer.  Our scope of services also required us to overhaul the project reporting system to bring it up to the required standard and maintain a monthly watching-brief on the project to seek to ensure adequate performance of the sub-contractor and proper recording of events to protect our client’s interests going forward. 

The project is currently ongoing and there are indications that the works are now back on track as a result of our efforts.