Claims Consultancy

A dispute in connection with the installation of irrigation lines around Dubai

Our client, an international civil engineering contractor was employed by a UAE Government department under an amended FIDIC agreement for a contract of about AED 400m.

Multiple issues of dispute arose on the project which led to the contractor commencing arbitration proceedings against the Employer.

Following a late appointment in the arbitration timetable, Peter Evans Partnership was able to provide claims resources (including forensic delay and quantum staff) to work closely with the international lawyers retained by the contractor

We quickly established the relevant facts and supporting documents for each disputed issue from the project records and produced the Statement of Claim and our technical grasp of the issues allowed the legal team to advance a much better case on the Contractor’s behalf than would have otherwise been the case.

The principal issues related to non-payment of certified amounts, un-certified and unpaid variation orders, extension of time for delay events, associated loss and expense and related loss of overhead and profit as well as interest for late payment.